Preston Cottage Garden

A few months ago, I completed a concept design for a cottage garden in Preston. It’s a sunny site with heavy clay soil. The client wanted a mix of low maintenance perennial species with warm colours nearer the house and some scented species (Tagetes lemmonii, Lavendar dentate, Salvia microphylla cv.) to enjoy. One of the herbaceous borders (pictured) is now coming into its own in the summer months.


Plants Featured

Botanic name: Salvia microphylla cv.

Common name: Wild Watermelon Salvia

Botanic name: Tanacetum parthenium

Common name: Feverfew

Botanic name: Plectranthus argentatus

Common name: Silver Spur-flower, Silver Plectranthus

Botanic name: Tagetes lemmonii

Common name: Copper Canyon Daisy, Mountain Marigold

Botanic name: Asparagus officinalis

Common name: Asparagus

Botanic name: Lavendar dentate

Common name: French Lavender

Botantic name: Euryops Pectinatus

Common name: Euryops

Botanic name: Kalanchoe Pumila

Common name: Quicksilver

Blue Bee circle (607x640)