Blue Bee circle (607x640)It was the blue banded bee that started it…

Several years ago I saw it on a warm Sunday afternoon. After extensive design work I knew my garden had attracted something special. The Australia native blue banded bee (Amegilla cingulate) with its iridescent bands was a distinctive happy flash of blue amongst the sunny shrubs.

I have always loved gardening and through my design I created a wonderful garden that I shared with my family and now other little creatures.

Since then I have completed extensive studies in garden design at Burnley College through the University of Melbourne and various domestic designs for a range of clients.

At Blue Bee Garden Design I am committed to sharing my experience and love for the botanical world through well designed gardens that bring joy and delight especially on Sunday afternoons!

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    Meet Kaye Roberts-Palmer

team member

Garden Design Consultant
I am a professional gardening consultant with a passion for domestic gardens and I am a regular contributor to the Backyard Farmer Magazine and the Northsider newspaper. I see every home garden as an opportunity to bring out the beautiful.